Demanding and Getting Free Service? Fairly easy..

The other night i was on my usual night shift, I had just started and first table of two ladies came in around 10:15 pm all was well at first. They only wanted drinks and appetizer to share, so I get their drinks and put their food through. Their food comes out and the complaints start coming..

“There is not enough Cheese on this, make us a new one.” they would say.

I nod and apologize and quickly ask the kitchen to make me another Cheese Flatbread. We are starting to get busy so the remake takes slightly longer, so of course they complain.. Finally their food is remade and I bring it out to them right away and they are satisfied with the remake. I refill there drinks and go off to my next table as I am now very loaded with tables and most are big groups.

This admittedly take quite a good chunk of time to take care of them around 30 minutes before I can get back to the two ladies. However I do watch them while taking care of my other costumers and they were chatting between themselves, with drinks still in there cups and food still on there plate they don’t seem anxious for my attention so i take care of my other tables and then return to them. They berate me for taking so long and put in another order of food and another drink. I add their order in the computer, make the desert  and bring them their new drinks right after that I also ask if they need anything else, they say they are fine, So I go and take care of my other tables that need further attention. I check back with them when my other tables are happy perhaps 20 minutes later. I admit this is probably a long time to wait between service but it is quite busy in the restaurant and apologize for the wait again and I take the empty plates out of the way and refill their drinks again, as well as bring them their bill. I have another rush of tables so I wish the two ladies a goodnight and go to my other tables that has come in.

I am once again quite busy with other customers, but the two ladies have their bill and at the time they are still simply talking to each other, making no effort to get mine or any other servers attention. Eventually while I am in the middle of another order they  come up to me and ask to see the manager. I get the manager for them and return to my order since I have another table ready. Few minutes later the manager calls me over asking if I know the two ladies, I nod saying they were my table. They proceed to tell me they felt like I ignored them to much and insisted to my manager that they shouldn’t have to pay the bill and they refuse to.. So they left not paying a cent of the bill that came to around $30.

Their reason for not paying was that I ignored them, which was not true, They had there food hot and fresh out of the kitchen, I refilled their drinks multiple times asked if there was anything else I could get.. and they were fine.. So apparently a customer can get free food and service by just saying so.. Sucks don’t it?


16 New Rules For Tipping At Restaurants

I totally Approve of this! brilliant!

Thought Catalog

Because we are all over the place, and we need to get it together and understand how the whole tipping thing works. Because, as a former food service worker and huge advocate for Not Treating Servers Like Assholes, I can say with confidence that some people’s lives depend on it.

1. First and foremost, if you are a person that doesn’t tip or — whatever this is supposed to mean — doesn’t “believe” in tipping (as though it were a figure in Greek mythology), you are not allowed to go to restaurants. You cannot afford to eat out, either financially or ethically, or both. Spare restaurant staff your presence.

2. Research exactly how much servers are paid in your state, and adjust your perception of the job accordingly. If you are still patronizing restaurants believing that these workers make minimum wage (and compare them to fast food workers who are

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