16 New Rules For Tipping At Restaurants

I totally Approve of this! brilliant!

Thought Catalog

Because we are all over the place, and we need to get it together and understand how the whole tipping thing works. Because, as a former food service worker and huge advocate for Not Treating Servers Like Assholes, I can say with confidence that some people’s lives depend on it.

1. First and foremost, if you are a person that doesn’t tip or — whatever this is supposed to mean — doesn’t “believe” in tipping (as though it were a figure in Greek mythology), you are not allowed to go to restaurants. You cannot afford to eat out, either financially or ethically, or both. Spare restaurant staff your presence.

2. Research exactly how much servers are paid in your state, and adjust your perception of the job accordingly. If you are still patronizing restaurants believing that these workers make minimum wage (and compare them to fast food workers who are

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