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Welcome to Server Confession!

A friend of mine and I are often ranting and laughing over the craziness the happened over our past shifts.  During one these times I suddenly got an idea to post some of our experiences online in a type of blog. So here is my attempt at starting that blog and my first story for you is….

Welcome to Night Shift..

That is what I tell anyone that walks into the restaurant and comments on the craziness of it all.. Drunks being.. well drunks, yelling loudly, not making any sense and yes.. even throwing up all over the table being out of it to even make it to the washroom.

Well had a group of young people come in, most of them were okay in terms of drunk wise, other then one guy who could barely walk.. I wanted to protest when he insisted they sit in the back of the restaurant, far away from the restroom, I was concerned the guy would be sick but of course they wanted to sit in the back on there own.. So I got there drink order which were all waters, and then took the food order all fries and burgers, so far not bad.. My drunk guy then ordered a milk shake. I make it with a smile of course inside I am nervous his stomach won’t like it with all that alcohol. I bring it to him and wait for the food to finish cooking anxiously wanting it  to cook faster before my drunk tosses his cookies. Finally my food is done and i bring it out.. and I have a feeling I am to late.. My drunk doesn’t look very good. The moment I put the food down he grabs his milk shake cup and throws up in it.. Well there goes my night, I have to give the other at the table there food… Promising to help clean up the mess, which I do trying not to throw up myself because of the smell.

Cause of that accident his buddies weren’t that hungry anymore, they ask for the bill and for me to call them a taxi. I do so and bring the bills out, they wake up their drunk buddy who had passed out after throwing up. The drunk guy looks at his bill and demands I give him the meal for free. Since it was no fault of the restaurant he couldn’t eat it I had to decline his request. He starts yelling at me and demands on seeing the manager until one of his buddies come to my rescue and offer to pay for it.. They pay for it and leave in there taxi.

Of course after all that I received no TIP for all the trouble I went through with them…

Do you guys have any opinions? have you gone to a restaurant after drinking that much? Comment below and let me know.


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